Medieval Glossary of Armor Terminology

Armet: A very light helmet. It was closed and a very good protection for the face and eyes principally.

Barbute: An Italian helmet. It had a "Y" shape in the middle that provided visibility and ventilation.

Breaths: Holes in a helmet to provide ventilation.

Buckler: A small round shield used to strike and block. It was made for very flexible fighters.

Byrnie: A mail shirt used by wealthy warriors until the XI century.

Camail: A curtain of mail hanging from a helmet protecting the neck.

Cuirass: A full protection for warriors. It consisted of a breastplate and backplate.

Gauntlet: Armored glove.

Hauberk: It was normally made of mail and it covered all the upper body (including the neck sometimes).

Pauldron: Plate armor for the shoulders.

Shield: A defensive devise used normally with the left hand. Shield were built in a very big variety of sizes and shapes.

Vambrace: Armor that guarded the forearm.

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