History of the Life Within a Medieval Castles Walls

Castles were not as we imagine them--luxurious and warm--castles were completely different and mostly even undesirable. They were host to two of the two greatest human feelings--pleasure and pain. After a victorious battle, a castle was the place for feasts and glory. But after a lost battle? After a plague? After death had eradicated children? Castles were not luxurious at all. They provided only what was needed to live in that epoch--protection.

Castles were cold. There was a very dim room in which children could run or in which adults could do their daily activities. Everything was based on hope. Churches were a main component for castles since what everyone needed was faith in a greater being. The intermittent happiness was just another promise of God. Everything happened because God wanted it to. Science wasn't allowed and henceforth, scientists were killed and tortured and most people were very skeptical about their fate.

Those were the Middle Ages. A period of fear and coldness in which only the upper classes could be happy, wars were fought by ambitious leaders who sought glory and caused improvements to be halted. Being a knight was the highest rank available that a regular person could hope for. Fighting for God in a Christian army was the best thing that could happen to a person. 
 The crusades were a period in which normal life was changed. Castles were virtually left full of women and children only because most men went to the Holy Land. At home, children dreamt of going to war as well; hence the children's crusade.

Castles had loneliness in them. Only a small portion of heat ever reached the inhabitants in the afternoon, who could only live and wait. There was not much to do because of the continuous threats of invasions. Everyone had to stay close to the castle--or death could strike at any given time.

Normally small rooms were assigned to castle inhabitants. They were very small, but they had everything that one needed in order to survive. 

Entertainment was reserved mostly for the nobles who enjoyed hunting, playing chess and celebrating.

During times of war, the castle turnead from bad to worse for food supplies were scarce and plague was very frequent because of the continuous rotting projectiles sent at the defending army.

At last, life during the Middle Ages was very hard but it was sometimes pleasant as well. For peasants it was very hard for they could hardly hope to achieve a better ranking at any time during their lifetime.

Education was very poor inside a castle; nevertheless, it gradually improved and eventually universities and other educational facilities began appearing throughout Europe.

The Castle's Surrondings had an enormous importance because farms were normally there. Additionally, during the day, the gatehouse was open so kids were to play outside if they wanted to.

Women had a very important role in medieval society because they took care of the children and prepared food for men who frequently trained in order to defend his family.

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