Important Medieval Battles - The Battle of Crecy

The Battle of Crecy was a major defeat for the French in the Hundred Years War. 12,000 highly trained soldiers under the leadership of king Edward III of England; engaged battle with 40,000 French soldiers under Philip VI.

King Edward II had a secret weapon. At least 2,000 long bowmen on top of a hill. They could fire more than 12 arrows per minute causing extreme casualties to the French. While king Philip VI relied heavily on his knights, he realized that they were not effective anymore.

This battle meant the beginning of the end of chivalry. More than 2,500 knights died in this battle; along with another 10,000-20,000 French soldiers; totaling more than 15,000 French loses; while the English only had 300-1000 casualties.

In the night of August 26, 1346; king Philip VI retreated leaving his wounded soldiers behind. The English army took many knights prisoners while killing the knights who were badly injured.

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