History about the Tower of London Castle Built by William the Conqueror

The Tower of London was built by William the Conqueror. William believed that building castles and forts everywhere was vital for his success in England. In just a couple of years, he built more than 40 castles; The Tower of London included. William took advantage of an old Roman wall to build the most magnificent edifice that England has ever seen.

The Tower of London was originally built as a means of defense against a possible Danish attack to London's trade route in the river. It was also meant to show England its own power. Even though it wasn't designed as a palace, numerous kings and queens spent a considerable amount of time in the castle; specially in times of war in which it would prove to be a formidable stronghold.

Protected by the Roman wall to the East and South, by an enormous ditch to the West, by the river and by its walls; the Tower of London is one of the strongest castles ever built. William of Normandy rebuilt his older timber castle with stone. By 1078 the construction started, making the castle up to a hundred feet high in some places. The building took more than 20 years to complete.

Originally meant as a defensive position, The Tower of London suffered many changes throughout history. It was the home of nobles, the tomb of kings, a place for celebrities; and more recently, a prison. Its dungeons were very efficient to hold inmates.

Many monarchs strengthened the tower somehow; some of them built new rooms and towers to make it even better. The old Roman wall suffered many changes as well; some notorious ones include an increase in its height and width; making the castle possess many lines of defense against a possible attack.

The castle can be seen today and millions of tourists a year see the might of the world expressed in a building; The Tower of London.

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