History of the Roles Kings Played During the Medieval Dark Ages

Kings were the ultimate rulers of a country. They possessed all the power that a man could possess. According to tradition, they were appointed by God himself from heaven. God gave them the privilege to rule over a country. Furthermore, whatever they did was always right. This conspicuously changed when, for example, Louis XVI was decapitated. But before the XVII century, the king, or monarch, had absolute power. Hence, absolutism.

The royal family, being also chosen by God, also enjoyed many privileges. Every royal family member had a right that consisted on being able to enter any house, sleep with any woman; and stay in the house for as long as he or she wanted. This, along with many other "privileges" made peasants, serfs; and sometimes lords, resentful towards the royal family. Nevertheless, before the XVII century; nothing could be done about it, or, torture would come in handy.

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