History of Medieval Viking Invasions into Europe

The Vikings were a tribe inhabiting Scandinavia who wanted to possess the Southern Countries because of the terrible weather conditions that they were subject to.

Lack of agriculture led many adventurous Vikings to sail South in search of land. Ireland was the primary target of such attacks which were successful most of the time.

Nevertheless, as the Vikings kept pushing forward into land, they began conquering Scotland - and at their peak, they conquered half of England.

It was during the X century when king Alfred the Great decided to halt the Viking progression so he reorganized his army, built many ships, and made a decisive defeat on them.

Even though the Vikings retreated to Norway, they still sailed and attacked many villages. Even though the Vikings could not defeat the regular army of Scotland, Ireland or England; the Vikings could still terrorize villagers and easily defeat local armies which inspired a lot of fear into the medieval villagers.

Viking Offense

Vikings attacked mostly with Dragon Ships which consisted of up to 100 well-trained infantry.

The Dragon Ships were very well designed. They could easily be taken inside a river to attack villages from unexpected positions - giving them a huge advantage.

Viking Ship

Vikings also used swords, shields and some armory. Even though the European defenders were frequently better-trained, the Vikings were very ferious and they attacked without mercy.

Viking ships traveled in groups - a normal Viking fleet consisted of approximately 20 dragon ships with 100 soldiers each.

One of the biggest Viking fleets recorded consisted of many hundreds of dragon ships which sailed to Europe.

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