History of Medieval Life Castles Warfare and Weapons

It is not possible for one to fully write about the Middle Ages in a single article. Henceforth, I have made a complete list of articles contained within this site for the sole purpose to provide you with as much information as possible. I strongly recommend that you read the following articles in order.

Introduction To The Dark AgesThis page features information about the period that spawned Europe from the V to the XV century.
Medieval WarfareContains information about the way battles were fought a thousand years ago including new technological developments, battle formation, logistics the way troops retreated and more.
Medieval WeaponryThis article features a vast amount of information about medieval weapons. It includes an extensive research about swords, daggers, bows, maces and more. Additionally, it contains information about shields which were used as weapons.
Important Medieval BattlesThis article features the most important battles that were fought during the Middle Ages.
Medieval Siege WeaponsFeatures a quasi-complete list of the medieval siege engines used to both storm and castle and defend it. Additional resources are located at the end of this article
Viking Invasions to EuropeThe most remarkable adversaries that most of Europe had during the early Medieval Times were the Vikings. What brought an end to their savage and continuous raids to Europe? What kind of troops did they command? Who was the last Viking warlord? Find these, and more answers in this article.
Asians Invasions to EuropeAsian invasions were though not as frequent, still a threat to Europe. Learn about them here
Medieval CrusadesNot only is the first crusade contained in this article, but all of them are. What happened during the crusades? Were they successful? What was the children's crusade? Who was Saladin? Learn this and much more in this category of this website.
Medieval ShieldsFeatures the way shields were used during combat.
Viking Weapons and FightersThe Vikings were formidable opponents in the battlefield. Learn about their tactics and the weapons they used in this article.
Retreating from a BattleWhen a battle was lost, a calm retreat could save hundreds of soldiers while panic could kill them all. Learn about how soldiers retreated in this article
Medieval PlaguesDuring the Middle Ages, plague was very frequent. Read this excellent article to know exactly what happened and how many deaths were accounted to plagues in general.
Medieval Armor GlossaryFor you to completely understand the articles contained within this website, it is suggested that you get used to the medieval nomenclature. Henceforth, you should try to familiarize yourself with terms which are contained within this excellent resource.
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