Medieval Shields at Dragon Swords & Daggers

Armor was an essential part of the medieval dark ages and an effective defense against swords, axes, spears, crossbows, and maces. The first major advancements in medieval armor occurred in the 10th century when armor could be forged from iron in entirely one piece. This made the armor much more durable and provided a greater level of protection. Most of our medieval armor is wearable and forged from 14 or 18 gauge steel.

Medieval Shields

Medieval Shields

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Antique Finshed El Cid II ShieldAntique Finshed El Cid II Shield
Armaduras Shield of El CidArmaduras Shield of El Cid
Knight's of Templar Armor ShieldKnight's of Templar Armor Shield
Medieval Buckler, 12 inch DiameterMedieval Buckler, 12 inch Diameter
Metal Medieval Scorpion Lion ShieldMetal Medieval Scorpion Lion Shield
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