For you to completely understand the articles contained within this website, it is suggested that you get used to the medieval nomenclature. Henceforth, you should try to familiarize yourself with terms which are contained within this excellent resource.

Armet: A very light helmet. It was closed and a very good protection for the face and eyes principally.

Barbute: An Italian helmet. It had a "Y" shape in the middle that provided visibility and ventilation.

Breaths: Holes in a helmet to provide ventilation.

Buckler: A small round shield used to strike and block. It was made for very flexible fighters.

Byrnie: A mail shirt used by wealthy warriors until the XI century.

Camail: A curtain of mail hanging from a helmet protecting the neck.

Cuirass: A full protection for warriors. It consisted of a breastplate and backplate.

Gauntlet: Armored glove.

Hauberk: It was normally made of mail and it covered all the upper body (including the neck sometimes).

Pauldron: Plate armor for the shoulders.

Shield: A defensive devise used normally with the left hand. Shield were built in a very big variety of sizes and shapes.

Vambrace: Armor that guarded the forearm.

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