During the Medieval Times, Europeans not only had to worry about internal battles - but they also had to deal with outsiders such as the Vikings, Russians and; mainly, the Asians.

Among the Asians, many different cultures existed. The most powerful was (supposedly) the Mongol tribe as they managed to conquer a very big percentage of Asia (including some China and Russia) and as far as the Middle East with some European invasions.

Mongols - The mongols were hated because of the extreme fear they inspired on their enemies. Even though they were low in numbers (approx. 200,000 at their peak), the mongols were very effective at totally banquishing any resistance and having order within their empire.

Even though many more Asian invasions took place - none of them were very important as the equipment of the eastern civilizations was much better than that of the Asians.

Additionally, the Europeans were much greater in number as some cities would peak more than a hundred thousand inhabitants whilst the Asians had not as many.
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